Queer in STEM in Bitch

Vivian Underhill, who’s been writing the great Queered Science series over at Autostraddle, has a new article about queer experiences in scientific workplaces over at Bitch Magazine. And it features a cameo some familiar names:

Two scientists at the University of Minnesota, Jeremy Yoder and Allison Mattheis, just finished a nationwide survey of queer scientists, and found that the factors that seem to predict how out people are in professional contexts aren’t the size of their workplace, what part of the country they live in, or whether they work at a private or public institution. Instead, what makes the big difference is whether queer scientists rate their workplace as “safe and welcoming” and “whether their employer provides benefits and support for queer folks.”

But there’s far more than the two of us, so you should really go read the whole article.

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