Queer in STEM in Wired

In a great new article for Wired Magazine, Sarah Scoles covers the history of Queer in STEM and our new survey. Scoles talked to Allison, Joey, Daniel, and Jeremy, as well as other LGBTQ scientists including Alex Bond and LGBT STEM creator Elizabeth Hellen, for some great detail of queer experiences in science.

If you haven’t been a queer person, you might be asking yourself why this survey is necessary. “It’s 2016. Get over it already,” you may be thinking. “I love everyone and am rainbow-blind. Also, some of my best friends are gay.” It’s true that there’s less overt discrimination than in the past. But in 28 states, it’s still legal for employers to discriminate against someone for their sexual or gender identity.

Even if that’s unlikely to happen (especially at universities, which often have their own anti-discrimination policies), the stress of wondering what your colleagues think of your sexual or gender identity—and of having to “come out” about them at all—is real. Sometimes, especially at work, that disclosure comes as a correction to an incorrect assumption.

“Do you want to invite your boyfriend to happy hour?” “Um, actually…”

“Can we have your wife’s number for the emergency call list?” “Um, actually…”

Even if you’re out and proud, it’s not easy.

You should definitely read the whole piece. And if you haven’t already taken our new survey and sent it to your colleagues — now would be a great time!

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