Queer in STEM in Science News for Students

Queer in STEM makes an appearance in a big article out in Science News For Students, which profiles LGBTQ-identified scientists and discusses broader issues of queer representation and support in science careers.

One of the folks profiled is QiS team member Joey Nelson:

Nelson’s father is Mexican and his mother is white. He sometimes wonders where he fits in. He used to wonder the same thing about his role in science. Geologists spend a lot of time outdoors. “You’re trouncing around with a rock hammer breaking open rocks,” Nelson says. Anyone can do field research, but some people hold outdated stereotypes that men are better suited to the outdoor work in geology. Nelson is a more feminine man who identifies as queer. He felt that some of the other geologists weren’t always welcoming and supportive of him. 

Nelson began to doubt whether he should be a geologist at all. But then another part of him said of course he should go for it. “You’ve been in the woods since you were a little kid interested in these things,” he remembers thinking. “This is first and foremost where you belong.”

And there’s a great accompanying video:

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